• SFC EXCELLENCE started its business ventures on January 10, 1975.
  • Exceptionally well-known for its manufacturing products and was later granted a BOI (Board of Investment) privilege to produce chemicals used in the textile industry.
  • SFC EXCELLENCE is considered to be one of the major importers of base oil and lube oil blenders in Thailand.
  • Registered Capital: 70,000,000 baht
  • Equity: Siam Chemicals (Public) Company 100%

Mr. Chira Ratanarat
Chairman & CEO for S Chem group of companies
  • Multi-talented CEO and a professionally trained helicopter pilot with over 1000 flying hours.
  • President of eight enterprises, producing and trading oil and other chemicals such as oxygen, sulfur, fertilizer etc.
  • The first civilian helicopter operator in Thailand.
  • EX - Experience
  • C - Competitiveness
  • E - Efficiency
  • L - Listening
  • L - Learning
  • E - Engagement
  • N - Noble
  • C - Competence
  • E - Environmental Awareness
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