The first producer of bulk chemicals for downstream industry in Thailand, was established in 1959 by a group of pioneering scientists, engineers and businessmen led by Dr.Charng Ratanarat. The group had the intention of initiating the development of Thailand's chemical industry to meet the country's needs using local assets and local human resources.
Since its founding, SCC has grown continually and extended its base of chemicals manufacturing into oil trading, offering facilities of a riverside port, and tank farm liquid cargo servicing. Throughout half of a century, SCC has maintained its philosophy of developing the company with its own research capability, innovation, human resource development as well as safety and environmental management. These are carried out in line with the country's socio-economic needs.
SFS, founded in 1990, is the First Thai Offshore Helicopter Operator which has 23 years in helicopter business and 8 years offshore experience with ZERO accident. SFS is the only Thai operator which is in compliance with TDCA's regulation for number of Thai pilots and the first to use EASA standard manuals which is now new TDCA requirement.
S CHEM: S Chem Group was established in 2004. Its main focus is to be the Central Management & Service Company for Siam Chemicals group of companies, Re-centralize the control of all companies in the group by utilizing a young highly capable management team. Provide share service where applicable such as Human Resource Management, Back-end Trade Finance and Accounting Service, Internal Control Management, Information Technology Management. This will in the long run reduce overhead cost functions such as Accounting and HR.
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