SFC Excellence contains a very modern and safe Jetty Port WHARF (No. 5C) to transfer the oil and is capable of providing a berthing vessel of up to 15,000 metric tons. A storage terminal of base oil has 12 Tanks, ranging from 700,000 to 4 million liters a tank with a total capacity of about 17,000 metric tons controlled by a disbursement system to determine the amount of weight by a modern radar system.

We also provide a well-organized Blending Process to produce different oil products and supervision controlled by SCADA system. The production blending processing scale starts from 200 – 30,000 liters/batch, each blending tank will be separated from the type of lubricants to prevent contamination in the production cycle. In terms of the filling process, we have a total of 16 filling lines, consisting of bulk trucks, IBC tanks, 200 liter drums, Pail 18 liters, 4-6 liters gallon, 0.5-1 liters gallon and 100 cc. gallons. All of the above mentioned are guided under the standardized rules by the Ministry of Energy Business and the Ministry of Energy and also under the standardized system of ISO 9001 (since 2003) and ISO/TS 16949 (since 2008). We are able to produce a total capacity of 10 million liters per month. In order to self-improvement and expand the export marketing through AEC, Australia and China, SFC Excellence provides itself with a research laboratory performing a variety of scientific research and quality control.

SFC Excellence can assure that we produce the best quality of lubricants. We have a full complete set of monitoring system in production, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) commitment. We are committed to provide world-class premium quality lubricating oils, specializing in additives and lubricant raw materials to satisfy the needs for our customers in various industries.

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