SFC Excellence (Formerly of Siam Fine Chemical) is exceptionally well-known for its manufacturing products and considered to be one of the largest importers of base oil and lube oil manufacturing (toll blenders) in Thailand. Our factory contains a very modern and safe Jetty Port WHARF (No. 5C) to transfer the base oil. We also provide Tank farms, Holding tanks and a well-organized Blending Process to store and produce different lubricants products. SFC Excellence is responsible to produce many types of OEM oil brands from the UK, Germany, Japan, including Thailand etc. SFC Excellence can assure that we produce the best quality of lubricants for automotive and machineries in industrial usage.
SFC excellence is committed to provide world-class premium quality lubricating oils, specializing in additives and lubricant raw materials to satisfy the needs for our customers in various industries. We can assure customers, both locally and internationally, for the best quality products and services. Our lubricant products that we toll blend consist of Automotive Lubricants, mostly producing Gasoline and Diesel engine lubricants. Transmission and Gear Oils are also produced at a high quality grade. In addition, Industrial Lubricants are produced in various grades which can be developed to meet the specific customer’s requirement.
Our company has satisfied the customer’s needs because we offer a One-Stop-Service; sourcing and gathering raw materials, blending and filling, store the customers’ products inside the warehouse including managing the distribution of products to your customers. We also provide the Tanks and Warehouse rental to store your raw materials or products for your distribution.
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