Our Research Lubricant Formulation have been formulated and strictly quality-monitored to meet and exceed the standards and specifications of international institutions such as API, SAE, ISO, JASO, ACEA, etc. Our laboratory is well-equipped with advanced equipment capable of providing comprehensive technical assurances and services. Our Research and Development (R&D) team comprise a group of qualified chemists.
We are continuously upgrading the quality of the existing products and formulating new products to meet the market demands. Our R&D activities are providing customized lubricants for specific needs of customers and to improve operational efficiency with cost effectiveness. Product Innovation and upgrade in specialized products are the area of our applied research. Our marketing and technical service teams continuously work with closely customers to identify areas of improvement. With this input information, our R&D personnel can help improve, design and formulate new products to meet the customers’ requirements.
SFC Excellence has been selected by Infineum, an American firm that formulates, manufactures and markets petroleum additives for fuels and lubricants, to be its exclusive distributor of lube-oil and base-oil additive substances in Thailand. This gives SFC advantage in completing the company’s wide range of automotive lubricants, in which the Infineum additives are used.
We have signed a letter of agreement with ExxonMobil Chemical Asia Pacific to be their distributor of Group 4 (PAO) and Group 5 (Esters and Alkylated Napthalene) in Thai market.
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